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Stefani Levin, MSW, M.Ed, LCSW-C, CST

Psychotherapist, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Sex Educator, Queer Therapist, Anti-Oppression Therapist, Trans- & NB-Literate Therapist

How are you looking to grow, change, or expand your awareness of yourself and your relationships? My work is to support and challenge; providing you with space to explore your self and connections to others, understand the story you create around your experience, and recognize patterns in your life from a foundation of support. Together, we investigate the ways you relate and connect to others, the ties in your history that inform where you are now, and how we can facilitate healing from past and current pain-whether that pain looks like depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual dysfunction, or discomfort in your sexual relationships.

Using a Feminist Therapy lens, I prioritize your expertise in your own life, acknowledging your strengths and oppression-based barriers. I am LGBTQ affirming, kink-knowledgeable, & poly-friendly. I have extensive experience with queer identities, kink, trans/nonbinary individuals, artists, alternative relationship styles, sexual dysfunction, & couples work.

As a therapist, I am here to listen without bias, ask the hard questions, sort out the puzzle pieces of your history and relationships, and walk with you on your journey. I offer a non-judgmental, affirming, and exploratory environment for clients to challenge what they would like to change, and embrace what they want to accept. 

Sexual Identities & Relationship Styles

I have extensive training in LGBTQ+ communities, queer identities, trans* and non-binary identities, kink & BDSM, polyamory & other alternative relationship styles. These are vital, important parts of who you are. You should not have to educate your therapist about terminology or validate the importance of these facets of your life. I understand their significance and will approach them with respect, care, and appreciation.

Creative Interventions &
Mind-Body Approach

More to come...

Sexual Dysfunction & Intimacy Concerns

More to come...

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