How We Work Together



I facilitate long-term therapy, meaning that our work isn't crisis counseling or quick fixes in a session or two. Long-term therapy allows us to form a therapeutic alliance, and provides a chance for you to gain trust in the process and transform the office into your own safe space. 


Sessions are 50 minutes for individuals and 75 minutes for couples. The session's structure is malleable and adapted to your particular needs, comforts, and concerns. In addition to talk therapy, we may engage in mind-body practices, grounding exercises, creative therapies, tactile experiments, and in-vivo techniques.  


I believe that no topic should be out-of-bounds in therapy. Psycotherapy creates an environment for you to understand, set, maintain, and process your boundaries- but it also provides a setting for you to explore and investigate thoughts, desires, fears, or memories that have previously felt too intimidating to discuss. Together, we can excavate some of the boundaries that we've previously set to "keep us safe" if they no longer serve us.


Therapy sessions are $150-$175 per appointment. 

I do not accept insurance.

Our work together extends far past the time that we spend in the therapy room. You will be asked to continue your work throughout the rest of your week. Part of my responsibility to you is to help formulate methods, tools, and information to assist you in your personal journey and to aid in the therapeutic process.